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The Arkhitect Spaceship From Perfection Industry Co Ltd. of HK. – Unboxing Review


The Arkhitect Advanced Research Colonizer Spaceship

From Perfection Industry Co Ltd. of HK

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Stephen Dymszo – 1/32 Fantastic Voyage Proteus Build

1/32 Fantastic Voyage Proteus Build

By Stephen Dymszo

Have you ever worked on a project…for what seems like forever… and then once you get it done, you can’t wrap your head around the reality that...

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Kuhn Global KIT UN-BOXING – Dynamic Digital Creations 1/1930 (HALF STUDIO SCALE or 29.5″/ 75cm) Battlestar Galactica BSG-75 Kit!

Hello everyone! It is well to see Modelers Miniatures & Magic again showing new content! Thank you to Chris Dye and his team!! I am pleased to say that I too shall be adding to what will be shown.


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TWO Kuhn Global KIT UN-BOXINGS – Dynamic Digital Creations 1/17 Viper MK 2 and 1/17 T-70 X-Wing Kits

Before we get started, I wanted everyone to know that I considered doing these two Kits unboxing’s on video...

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A Kuhn Global “Lengthy” TOY Review – Star Wars – 2020 HASBRO: The Black Series – SNOWSPEEDER with Dak Ralter 6″ Figure / And the Kenner 1980 Toy Re-visit

When 1980 came around, and The Empire Strikes Back was released, I came out of the theater pumped up and excited about the new ship designs that had been used in the film! The Rebel Base attack scene ...

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A Kuhn Global KIT Review – Studio Scale 3D Printed Buck Rogers THUNDERFIGHTER KIT Parts – Printed from ALAIN RIVARD PROP SHOP’s STL Files

I love these amazing and large mode kits...

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A Kuhn Global KIT Review – Studio Scale 3D Printed TIE Fighter & TIE Interceptor KIT Parts Made from ALAIN RIVARD PROP SHOP’s STL Files

As always I shall tell you what I see, provide up close high resolution photos, and turn it over to you for inspection...

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Korbanth ONE-OFF PROTOTYPE – Rise of Skywalker – Dark Rey’s Dual LightSaber INSPIRED – A Kuhn Global Review

Dark Rey’s Dual LightSaber INSPIRED



On October 18, 2019 I was visited by KORBANTH owner Randy Johnson...

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Kuhn Global’s KORBANTH ~38″ Blockade Runner KIT REVIEW – Photos by Dan Grumeretz

Every so often a kit stands out more than the rest. Last month, KORBANTH released a kit of the ~38″ inch Blockade Runner… which is a RE-POP from the original amazing Chris Kelley kit from years back...

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Chris Kelley’s NICE-N Studio Scale A-Wing Build and Kit Review

I wanted to reach out to you about this latest build and maybe attach a few words to it. First and foremost, NICE-N Model Designs hit the nail on the head with this kit...

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