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Kevin Hoppert – David West Reynolds – Zvezda/Revell – Star Wars WIP – (2020) Scratch-N-Bash 1:2700 Imperial Star Destroyer Cross-Section

This is a work-in-progress scratch-N-bash of a cross-sectioned Imperial Star Destroyer, using the hull from a Zvezda/Revell (1-2700) commercial kit as a shell...

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SLY FY Kits & Dioramas/Arnaud Selesneff – Revell – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – 1/2256 VENATOR

Hello to all.

Here is my last project was I realized from the 1/2256 Venator Revell kit.

I made various modifications by cutting out the original kit to integrate the upper deck and the bay in the lef...

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Alfred Wong’s 1/24 DIORAMA: “London Crawling”

Here is an alternate scenario where aliens find their way to present day Earth instead of to be found on a faraway planet in the distant future...

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Rod Lowe – 1:72 Revell V-22 OSPREY

After a 8 year hiatus, last showing my Millennium Falcon here back in 2012, I have started model making again, this time a Revell 1/72 scale V22 Osprey.

I made some major modifications which took abou...

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Stefan Hacker – Star Wars 1:72 Rebel Hangar Diorama

This diorama by artist Stefan Hacker is magnificent! So much so that we brought it forward from it’s original April 18, 2009 showing date here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic...

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Spacecraft Creation Models – Revell – BABYLON 5 StarFury for the Bobby Rogers Collection

Here  is another fine build-up from Spacecraft Creation Models for collector Bobby Rogers! I have always LOVED the Babylon 5 StarFury… especially with the individual artworks on each of the Pilot’s St...

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Spacecraft Creation Models – 1979 MONOGRAM – Buck Rogers MARAUDER (Hatchet Fighter) for the Bobby Rogers Collection

Here is another commission build, the Buck Rogers Marauder “Hatchet” Fighter. I built it from the old 1979 Monogram plastic model kit. I added Red cockpit lighting and engines...

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Dave Olszewski’s – 2019 Wonderfest GOLD Winner – Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith – Revell 1/83 ARC-170

I’d like to share a build up I did of the 1/83 Revel ARC-170 snap-together kit...

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FOR SALE!! From Scott Boon – Star Wars – 1/72 FM Millennium Falcon!.. with FREE 1/48 BanDai Snowspeeder & FREE 1/50 Revell T-70 Resistance X-Wing


Scott Boon



With the Above Model Sale is:

FREE–BanDai 1/48 Snowspeeder–FREE

FREE–Revell 1/50 T-70 Resistance X-Wing–FREE

(Pricing is Subject to Ch...

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Universal Modeler’s REVELL General Grievous Starfighter “Empire Dignitary Sport Speeder”

This is built from the Revell Grievous’s Starfighter kit. It is custom: modified Belbullab-22. It’s name is Empire Dignitary Sport Speeder and it is not for sale, but only to show at this time.
From F...

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