Do you have a kit that you would like to show on Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic? We provide that service for you at no cost to you in order to help you reach your intended market, which betters the hobby by offering the people what they want. The only thing we ask is that you remain professional at all times, making certain your product is premium, and you deliver that product promptly to those who have paid your for that item. To do less may have your kit removed from our Gallery. (Please refer to the statement at the bottom of the page).

To submit your kit to be shown, please email 6-10 jpeg photos, at least 2000 pixels wide, as well as the required information requested below to . The photos should be of the kit pieces laid out to be viewed clearly, as well as the majority of the photos being of the kit built in it’s final proposed form. This is not a requirement, but will assist in sales for you.

Of Note: Modeler Magic only shows the Kits that are made available by individuals and vendors. If you do not own your content, it is entirely up to you to gain proper legal license to protect yourself. This is entirely your responsibility. If an owner, or an agency speaking for an owner of content contacts me to remove any materials, Modeler Magic will comply with of the request or order that proven owner or agency speaking for that proven owner makes. That stated, Modeler Magic recommends always having proper legal licensing, but we do not require it shown to us in order to show what you have. Being that Modeler Magic makes no profit from anything we do or show with your authorization in your name, what you show is your business, and your consequence.

Here is the information (along with the photos stated above) that I will require emailed to me in order to show your kit:



*First Name:

*Last Name:

*Company Name (if applicable):

*CONTACT E-Mail Address:


*Company Web Site URL (if applicable):


*Kit Name:

*Kit Producer:

*Kit Scale:

*Kit Materials:

*Number of Pieces:

*Kit Price

*Shipping Amount:

*Shipping Restrictions (Your Country Only or Worldwide):

*Kit Availability Date:

*Payment Methods (PayPal, Credit Card, Check, Money Order):

*PayPal E-Mail Address (if different from CONTACT email stated above):

*Kit URL (if applicable):

*Kit Description:

Simply copy the above texts into the email that will open upon clicking the button below. Don’t forget to attach to the email the jpeg photos (as stated above) that you wish to show. I will take care of getting them displayed as usual. My email account can handle 16 MB per email and it is fine to send multiple emails to send me all you wish to show.

Please allow up to 7-14 business days for your kit alert to be processed. Some may go out the same day, some may take a few days to process. Thanks for your understanding.

Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic, nor myself (Chris Dye) as owner, take any responsibility for your kits, the quality of your kits, the delivery of your kits, your professionalism toward your customers, or anything that may come of that relationship. That is your sole responsibility. We only provide the means to show what you offer. As stated above, as owner of Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic, I reserve the right to remove your kit, your name, and/or contact information from this Gallery should I deem it should be done at any time due to lack of professionalism on your part as established by me.

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