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Laurent Perini – Bandai – 1/144 Scratch & Bash – Vessel with GUNDAM Diorama!

Here is the last little diorama I have completed…. the vessel is a Kit Bash, while the pod is scratch build (plastic card and recycled part)...

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1:100 MG Sinanju “The Evening Sun” by Matt Mrozek

Matt’s works are completely impressive! Plus… the colors on this are amazing!

I call this build “The Evening Sun”. I was commissioned to build this MG Sinanju using the Neo Grade dress up kit...

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1:72 Jagd Doga by Matt Mrozek


This is the 1/72 Jagd Doga conversion kit from G-System Shop. It uses the PG Zaku frame as a base...

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Presenting the Works of Angelo Berretta – The 1:100 GUNCANNON

I have the great pleasure of introducing Italian Artist … Angelo Berretta. Showing first is his GUNCANNON!! I love it!!


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( 김지환 ) Jihwan Kim’s Re-Paint of the Gundam Ver.KA Ver. Robot King

Kim is doing amazing works on these Gundam’s! I love this!!


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1:72 G-System Sniper III by Matt V. Mrozek

Another amazing Gundam by Matt Mrozek from G-System Shop!

This is the 1/72 G-System Sniper III from G-System Shop. The kit is all resin and is right at 32cm or 12 inches tall...

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Matt Mrozek’s 1:72 Hi-Nu Conversion

This is magnificent work by Matt Mrozek!! Gundam!!

This is my 1/72 Hi-Nu Conversion kit from G-System Shop. This kit takes the Bandai Perfect Grade Strike and converts it to a 1/72 Hi-Nu...

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Bandai’s MG Sazabi Ver. Ka. …”Char’s Crush” by Matt Mrozek

Artist Matt Mrozek returns with another amazing piece! I very much enjoy viewing this artist’s work!

My Latest build. Bandai’s MG Sazabi Ver. Ka...

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HUGE at 2 Feet 10 Inches!! 1:100 Xeku Zwei from G-System Shop By Matt Mrozek

This fantastic! Matt Mrozek continues showing his amazing works with this giant GUNDAM!! I love it!

Here is a commission piece I did a few years ago. The is the 1/100 Xeku Zwei from G-System shop...

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Neo Grade 1:100 Kyshatria by Matt Mrozek

Artist Matt Mrozek returns with this great build of the Neo Grade kit…. Kyshatria! This is Matt’s first resin build! FANTASTIC!

Here is one of my older pieces...

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