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Jerry Testa’s T2: 1/35 Arial Hunter Killer

This is Horizons vinyl kit of the “Arial Hunter Killer” from Terminator II...

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Spiderman by Ray Lawson II

Ray Lawson is back with this fantastic build of Horizon Models….Spiderman! I love super-hero modeling!




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Robo Cop’s ED-209 built by Jim Graham

The Enforcement Droid 209… or ED-209 from RoboCop! Designed by Craig Davies, and motion animated by famed animator Phil Tippett, this kit by Horizon was done due justice by artist Jim Graham!...

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“She Can’t See You If You Don’t Move” – Jurassic Park Diorama by Ray Lawson II

I have the great pleasure of introducing a new artist, and new Category to this Gallery. This new artist submitted his work to us just a few days ago and I thought it was fantastic...

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