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Sean Sides/Square Models – Battlestar Galactica TOS – Studio Scale V1 PYRO Cylon Raider

This piece was originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on February 17, 2009 and is now updated to today’s showing standard!

Built from a kit (commonly known as the V1) that had origi...

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Kuhn Global’s FOUR DeSanto Battlestar Galactica Continuation 1/24 COLONIAL VIPERS – Built by R.L. Bleecker – From the Moonbase Models Kits – Blue Screen by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn) – Composite by Robert Watson!

I love back stories! Tom DeSanto’s “Battlestar Galactica: The Continuation” story really took everyone to excitement...

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FLEETYARD’s Color Correction of Jim Creveling’s Photo Survey – Qo’nos One (K’Ronos One) Studio Model from Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country

Originally shared with me in 2008, and shown here on Modeler Magic back in January 2009, (Courtesy of Jim Creveling, through Mark Dickson), Leo of FLEETYARD has again taken these gems of reference and...

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COMING SOON!! Studio Scale Cylon Base Star KIT from NICE-N Model Designs



Battlestar Galactica

Studio Scale Cylon Base Star KIT

To contact the SELLER direct, please click the CONTACT SELLER link below.


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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! Studio Scale TOS Cylon Base Star from TITAN Models & Memorabilia




1978 Battlestar Galactica

Studio Scale


“By Your Command!” Titan models is proud to announce a special studio scale kit offer...

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Enterprise 1701-A Studio Model SLIDE-SHOW by William Gulliver

Artist William Gulliver was so impressed with the photos of the Enterprise 1701-A Studio Model photos shown here on MMM (that came from Mike Emery and Mark Dickson) that he created a fantastic side-sh...

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USS Prometheus NX-59650 Render by Brandon MacDougall

Originally given to me by industry modeler Mark Dickson, and shown here back on October 14, 2009, I learned tonight this fantastic Prometheus was done by Foundation Imaging artist Brandon Mac...

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“Cylon Pinwheel ATTACK!” Composite Art by Peter Nobel

Using the blue screen photos of the fantastic first generation Studio Scale TOS Cylon Raider (SEEN HERE), master artist Peter Noble created this well known scene we all know from Battlestar Galactica!...

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Studio Scale Galactica Shuttle by Ed Miarecki

Before the amazing MSLZ22 Models kit was made, professional modeler Ed Miarecki had already produced extremely fine and accurate replicas of the Battlestar Galactica’s Shuttles...

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U.S.S. AKIRA Studio CG Renderings from Mark Dickson & Richard Long

Industry known professional modelers Mark Dickson and Richard Long were very kind in sharing these wonderful renders of the powerful Starship that was seen in Star Trek – First Contact in the...

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