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Kuhn Global’s Studio Scale Buck Rogers Draconian Marauder/Hatchet Fighter

This is a fantastic piece in the collection today. Built from the amazing Mark Bradley patterned kit (2007-2008), this is our Buck Rogers Draconian Marauder Studio Scale Replica...

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Awakening – Composite Art by Peter Noble

Another beautiful composite by Artist Peter Noble. Using the photos of the E. James Small “Ranger 3” TimeSlip Creations Kit build (Seen HERE), and one of the fantastic Mark Bradley Studio Sca...

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“Entering New Chicago” – Composite Art by Peter Noble

This piece captured the essence of the early 1980’s Television Series “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” extremely well! It looks like it could be a screen shot fro the show itself! Using the Bl...

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Studio Scale Draconian Marauder (Hatchet Fighter) built by Dean Dymerski

Built from the wonderful Mark Bradley studio scale kit, professional modeler Dean Dymerski made this piece come to life...

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“Buck Rogers” Composite Art by Robert Watson

This beautiful action shot was created by Robert Watson. Again utilized the blue screen photos I took of my Hatchet Fighter (SEEN HERE), and my Thunder Fighter (built by R.L...

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Battlestar Galactica Studio Model Reference – Purchased and Proclaimed PUBLIC DOMAIN by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Originally built by Apogee, Inc……Here are the Battlestar Galactica Studio Filming Model Photos!!!

After photos were taken of this awesome piece by artist Chris Pappas, then shown to me by artist Mar...

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