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Magicam’s Chris Ross Photos of the 6 Foot (Thought to be PHASE II) EARLY TMP Klingon D7 – Color Corrected by FLEETYARD

These photos were shared with me, then originally shown here on Modeler Magic back on January 5, 2009 as the studio model from Star Trek PHASE II (CLICK  HERE to VIEW with explanation story by Rob ...

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FLEETYARD Color Corrected Reference Share: Star Trek: TMP Klingon K’TINGA “Prefinished Stadium” Studio Model Photos by Michael Middleton as shared by John Eaves

This is the K’Tinga configuration in a prefinished stadium for Star Trek The Motion Picture...

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Star Trek TMP (NOT Phase II as thought) D-7 Studio Model by Magicam’s Chris Ross

D7-class studio model detailed by Jim Dow at Magicam

June 29, 2014

Update from Rob Minnes

I’ve some additional info regarding this studio model.

Actually, it isn’t a Phase II model, but already the Motion Picture model...

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K’Tinga Studio Model featuring Magicam’s Zuzana Swansea

Not many quality photos exist of this model that I am aware of. And most are in black and white...

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