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Clifton Simmons – 1:96 (101.1″ / 256.86cm) USS Enterprise (CV-6).. the 1943 Refit!

I love Naval Ship builds! Especially HUGE builds like this 101.1″ (256...

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~3 Feet Long – Battlestar ODYSSEUS by Clifton Simmons

Artist Cliff Simmons has done it again! Having scratch built his own designed 37 inch Battlestar miniature a few years back… the Battlestar COLUMBIA (BS-37), Cliff has again scratch built another new ...

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Richard Sung’s 37 Inch Battlestar COLUMBIA BS-37 by CLIFTON SIMMONS! Blue Screen by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Back in 2011, artist Clifton Simmons contacted me about a 1/2 studio scale Battlestar he was scratch building...

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BANSHEE Productions Composite – AMBUSH

Joe and Banshee Productions has done it again! Utilizing our blue screen photos of the amazing Battletstar Columbia scratch build by Clifton Simmons, (SEEN HERE), and even more of our blue screen phot...

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SOLD!! 37 Inch BS-37 COLUMBIA by Cliff Simmons! Now in the Richard Sung Collection

SOLD!! June 2013

Now in the Richard Sung Collection!


A few months before my move, I purchased this amazing 1/2 studio scale custom Battlestar build from artist Cliff Simmons...

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SOLD!! 1:2 Studio Scale Battlestar COLUMBIA – Scratch & Bash by Clifton Simmons

December 31, 2011 UPDATE!!

Sold to Kuhn Global for display in the Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic Collection! Blue Screen Photos will follow upon receiving the piece in the Gallery.

December 28, 2011


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18 Inch Super Star Destroyer – Scratch & Bash by Clifton Simmons

Most everyone knows this artists talents in his fantastic builds of Historic Navy Warships...

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1:96 1945 Battleship TENNESSEE BB-43 “waterline build” by Clifton Simmons

Clifton Simmons definitely has the passion for large scale warships! This 1:96 Battleship TENNESSEE is the first of two he has built for collections and museums...

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1:96 U.S.S. TENNESSEE built by Clifton Simmons

Another massive beauty built by master modeler Clifton Simmons! The detail for these vessels is most important to make them look huge… and Cliff has done this piece exactly the honor it should be give...

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