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Universal Modeler / François Fleury – KOTOBUKIYA – STAR WARS: Resistance – 1:10 First Order GOLD Stormtrooper, Commander Pyre

Here is my latest custom piece… using KOTOBUKIYA… it is the 1/10 First Order GOLD Stormtrooper, Commander Pyre from Star Wars Resistance.
May the Force be with you…. Always!
François Fleury

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Universal Modeler – François Fleury – Star Wars: The Clone Wars – “Imagined” Cad Bane Speeder Bike

Here is my last creation ! A speeder bike inspired by the Clone Wars ! It’s a kit-bash from a 1/24 BMW motorcycle (French police)! I imagined it to be a non official Speeder Bike for Cad Bane...

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FlyViper & Universal Modeler – Julien & François Fleury – Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – 1/10 EWOK

Universal Modeler always shows amazing works. This time is no different, albeit with a different fact… THIS sculpt was done by JULIEN Fleury…...

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Universal Modeler – BanDai – Rogue One – 1/12 Death Trooper

Here is another fantastic build from François Fleury  of Universal Modeler! This BanDai Death Trooper from Rogue One is beautifully done!

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Universal Modeler’s REVELL General Grievous Starfighter “Empire Dignitary Sport Speeder”

This is built from the Revell Grievous’s Starfighter kit. It is custom: modified Belbullab-22. It’s name is Empire Dignitary Sport Speeder and it is not for sale, but only to show at this time.
From F...

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François Fleury -Universal Modeler- BanDai 1/12 Shoretrooper/Stormtrooper… “COPTROOPER”!

France artist François Fleury (aka Universal Modeler) has done beautiful work on this 1/12 Bandai Trooper… a Shoretrooper and Stormtrooper mix! He call this Trooper “Coptrooper”. I love it!

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Universal Modeler – François Fleury – Imperial Shuttle IDAS (Imperial Dignitary Armored Shuttle) and TIE Striker

This is my last custom kit bash! Made from a Revell Tydirium kit, this is the Imperial Shuttle IDAS (Imperial Dignitary Armored Shuttle)...

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François Fleury’s REVELL 1/241 Millennium Falcon

Photographed by François’s brother, Julien Fleury, this tiny model build by François turned out magnificent! I love this diorama…

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François Fleury’s 1/1000 BanDai Blockade Runner

Another beautiful piece by artist François Fleury! This artist from France continues to impress with this tiny model of the Blockade Runner. Nicely done!

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François Fleury’s 1/12 Madalorian “Boba Fett” – The Winter Mando

François Fleury returns with this magnificent 1/12 BanDai Boba Fett with a completely scratch built base. I don’t know about you, but this is amazing to me! I love this piece! Great job François!

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