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Kenn Wingle’s AT-ST FX Composites!!

Artist Kenn Wingle is at it again with these fantastic, and imaginative composited scenes!

Aim for the power generators C


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MR 1701 Enterprise Composite Works by Kenn Wingle

Back again is artist Kenn Wingle with these fascinating scenes featuring the Master Replicas 1701!


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Jupiter 2 Composite Works from Kenn Wingle

These are some of the older J-2 FX using the Polar Lights model from my collection. I plan on making a whole new series of High Definition images using the New Moebius J-2 model as well.
Kenn Wingle

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Science Fiction Composite Artwork of Kenn Wingle… the Flying Sub!

Here are some interesting composite shots featuring the Flying Sub from Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea… one of my favorite shows as a young man...

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