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ALB-LAB (Alberto Longo) – CYBER CYCLE

ALB-LAB created, and used to offer this as a kit. They may still today...

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“Floating” Markov Racer by Matt V. Mrozek

I have the great pleasure of introducing artist Matt Mrozek to this Gallery. Today we show the fantastic build of the Markov Racer kit that ALB-LAB Models produced (SEEN HERE)...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:35 T-ZERO Antigrav Racer from ALB-LAB/Industria Mechanika






High Performance Antigrav Racer

Kit Producer: Industria Mechanika TZERO_Parts
Kit Scale: 1/35
Kit Materials: Resin
Number of Pieces: 36 resin parts + 1 clear vacuum formed canopy
Kit Price:...

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COMING SOON! T-Zero Racer by ALB-LAB Sci Fi Model Kits

While viewing the professional modeling board The Resin Illuminati a few days ago I came across another fantastic creation from Albert Longo and ALB LAB...

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KIT ALERT! 1:35 Markov Anti-Gravity Racer from ALB-LAB

Kit Alert
Markov Anti-Gravity Racer
Producer: ALB-LAB
Scale: 1:35
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 36
Price: $125US | $89EUR
Shipping: S/H Fees
Available: NOW
Payment Method: PayPal
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ON SALE SOON! 1:35 Markov Racer mastered by ALB-LAB

This 7 inch sports racer is an amazing, original design by Alberto Longo of ALB-LAB! Mastered and Prototyped from CG Files, this model is perfect in every way! Even the pilot is beautiful! Yo...

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This fantastic piece is a collaboration of the great artist who formed KALLAMITY and ALB-LAB designs and kits. Luca Zampriolo and Alberto Longo have well proven themselves to be on the cutting...

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Markov Racer mastered by Alberto Longo

I am honored to introduce another kit producer and pattern maker today! Alberto Longo from ALB-LAB of Italy!

From this very original design, Alberto used a CNC machine to make this pattern into...

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