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KIT ALERT!! NEW 1/350 “Unclassified” Starship Kit from Ravencraft Models


Ravencraft Models


Star Trek

1/350 New Unclassified Starship Design

$70 USD

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: 16

Shipping Amount: Shipping included most areas within the USA...

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1:48 Formosa Flying Tigers P-40 by Sean Ravencraft

This beautiful build is from known artist Sean Ravencraft. His paint job is superb to replicate the famous Flying Tigers out of what was then Formosa… now Taiwan...

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F-86 Saber by Sean Ravencraft

It has been a long time since we’ve shown something from this professional artist! And he is back…....

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S.F.3 D. WasserJungfer by Sean Ravencraft

This artist has a very unique taste for modeling and art… it must be somewhat unique for him to even consider doing! Talented modeler Sean Ravencraft (aka Moorcat) has built so many unique models, and...

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