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HIT and RUN – Composite artwork by Robert Gajic

Composite artist Robert Gajic is back with this great piece featuring many fine build’s blue screen shots of the famed different artists we have had the honor to display over the years...

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Studio Scale A-Wing from the Hector Rosales Collection

Built by artist Michael Provenzano, then photographed by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global) of Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic, this fantastic replica now resides in the collection of Mr...

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SOLD!! M. Provenzano A-Wing Studio Model Replica from Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic



$2,500 U.S.

Buyer is responsible for professional packing and shipping costs and will be referred to the proper agency to do so.

This piece is beautiful and rare...

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Studio Scale A-Wing by Guy Cowen

Built from the studio scale A-Wing parts created by New York Artist Michael Provenzano, professional U.K...

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SOLD!! 1:1400 Romulan Warbird by Michael Provenzano

I received this 1/1400 piece in 2007 from New York Artist Michael Provenzano! Scratch built, it is entirely made of balsa wood, sculpting clay, and sheet styrene!!! Michael based the build off of the ...

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