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Trevor Alderson – TIMESLIP Creations – Buck Rogers – Studio Scale THUNDERFIGHTER

Here is my latest model, the ‘Thunderfighter’ starship from Buck Rogers in the 25th century, built from studio scale kit made and offered by Timeslip Creations. I really enjoyed this build...

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Trevor Alderson – TAMIYA – 1:100 Space Shuttle ATLANTIS

Here is my latest model, the 1/100 scale Space Shuttle Orbiter by Tamiya. I was inspired to make this after a visit to Houston NASA last year...

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Trevor Alderson’s 22 inch EAGLE Transporter

Here are a few quick photos of my recently finished 22” MPC Eagle Transporter model. Built mostly stock with the added aluminum accessory kits for all the engine bells...

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UFO: Sky 1 by Trevor Alderson

Here is a magnificent built by artist Trever Alderson!

This was a quick build from the Imai kit, circa 1988, I think...

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Fujimi 1:24 scale BLADE RUNNER Spinner by Trevor Alderson

I love this Blade Runner Spinner design….. and this build by Trevor! I especially like the scaled replica tiles on the base!

A few details – The base is completely scratch built with a surrounding o...

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1:35 APC by Trevor Alderson

Artist Trevor Alderson returns with this great build of the Marines APC from ALIENS!!

Trevor Alderson here. These are the photos of my latest model, the 1/35 scale APC from Aliens made by Halcyon...

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Studio Scale X-Wing RED LEADER by Trevor Alderson

I have again the honor of introducing another talent to this gallery…. artist Trevor Alderson! Showing here is his build of the Captain Cardboard V2 Studio Scale kit to be Red Leader...

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