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Kishimoto – 岸本浩 – 1/48 TIE Fighter

Here is my TIE Fighter in 1:48. I placed in flashing Laser Cannons by LED and fiber optics for red Ion Engine and interior lighting.
Kishimoto – 岸本浩



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Diamond Select 1/15 Back to the Future 2! DeLorean – Re-paint by Kishimoto, Hiroshi – 岸本浩

Here is a Diamond Select Delorean, Mark 2 (from Back to the Future 1 & 2) that I weathered, repainted and added 50 LED’s to.

Kishimoto, Hiroshi – 岸本浩

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岸本浩 – Kishimoto’s Randy Cooper Star Destroyer

I decorated the ISD with a light warm white LED in the 80’s style. I also buried the fiber optics in countless numbers, and it took me a year to produce it...

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1:144 Bandai Millennium Falcon by Kishimoto, Hiroshi

Great work by Osaka, Japan artist Kishimoto! I love some of the lighting effects created.







To visit Kishimoto’s Flicker site direct, please click the banner link above.

To contact Kishimot...

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TINY X-Wing and Y-Wing Squadrons by Kishimoto, Hiroshi

Artist Kishimoto has again shown his magnificent skills with these very tiny miniatures, with their fantastic paint and lighting. Beautiful work!

These Ywing’s are about only 10cm long.
Original is ...

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Back to the Future – Delorean MK II by Kishimoto, Hiroshi

Artist Kishimoto (of the Japan Star Wars Modeling Alliance) has returned to show us his fantastic build of the Delorean from Back to the Future Part 2! This build is fantastic with it’s extreme detail...

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1:144 (22 cm) Millennium Falcon by Kishimoto, Hiroshi

Japanese artist Kishimoto again show his outstanding skills making these miniatures look like the larger studio models!This Millennium Falcon’s detail is incredible for the size of this being so small...

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Imperial Squadron by Kishimoto, Hiroshi of the Japan Star Wars Modeling Alliance

I am pleased to be able to show more of this artists work… from Osaka, Japan, and the Japan Star Wars Modeling Alliance comes these fantastic fighter builds, and a shuttle build from artist Kishimoto,...

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1:72 Slave One by Kishimoto, Hiroshi of the Japan Star Wars Modeling Alliance

Let me begin this showing by stating how pleased, and relieved I am to hear of artist Kishimoto’s, and his  families safe rescue from their area of Japan that had been decimated by the Tsunami...

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1:32 Viper’s MK I and MK II by Kishimoto, Hiroshi

Shown in the Japanese Modeling Magazine “Character Age” these two fantastic Viper builds were done by Mr. Kishimoto, Hiroshi. One of my favorite things about Vipers is how great they look beat up...

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