The Arkhitect Spaceship From Perfection Industry Co Ltd. of HK. – Unboxing Review


The Arkhitect Advanced Research Colonizer Spaceship

From Perfection Industry Co Ltd. of HK

On a cold winters day here in the UK I received an exciting delivery from Hong Kong which brightened up my day.

Upon opening it I was presented with this interesting kit from the Perfection Industry Co Ltd. of HK.

The Arkhitect Advanced Research Colonizer Spaceship comes in an impressive looking box which highlights the partnership with Iwata to create this unique Airbrush inspired scifi craft.

Inside the box I was greeted with sprues of plastic parts, a dedicated lighting kit (including USB power cable) and a set of instructions.

The plastic parts are injection moulded and are produced in different colours including one sprue of clear parts to take advantage of the lighting kit supplied.

Each sprue is individually sealed to ensure no loss of parts if they managed to break free, and the parts have nice crisp details.

The most impressive part of this kit in my opinion is the inclusion of a lighting kit consisting of 22 LEDs and a USB power cable which I am sure will make this kit look great in low light when built.

Finally the kit comes with an instruction booklet which looks well created to aid in the building of this cool desktop model.

Overall I am very impressed by this kit and I am confident it will make a great display piece once assembled.

I have passed this kit on to a good friend to schedule a commission build, and I look forward to bringing you all a Build up review in Early 2022.

The kit is currently available from Good Smile in Japan, and I am looking into importing some into UK.

For wholesale inquiries please email

If you are interested in this kit and would like to register your interest in purchasing one from the UK, please drop an email to


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