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Paul Dilts – Bandai – STAR WARS – TWO 1/72 T-70 X-Wings RED 2 & RED 3 (With “A New Hope” Paint Schemes)

As John Cleese would say “..and now for something completely different” –

I bought these 2 Bandai (TINY) 1/72 scale T-70 kits real cheap and I had no idea what to do with them since I’m not a fan a th...

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KIT ALERT! From MIRAKITS – STAR WARS: The Empire Strikes Back – 1/12 (38cm) DF9 Turret



DF9 Turret

Kit ONLY is 299€uros Plus Shipping

Fully Built and Painted is 699€uros Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 1/12 at 38cm

Kit Materials: Resin

Shipping Amount: Calculated u...

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Jeff Bond / Davis Nelson – 1979 Disney Film – The Black Hole – 40″ CYGNUS

This is a 3D printed, 40″ long reproduction of the Cygnus spaceship from Disney’s 1979 movie The Black Hole...

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Kuhn Global’s 1/18 Warren Fu Design -‘RETURN of the SITH’- Concept Fighter – Blue Screen Photos & CLONE WARS Composite by Kurt Kuhn

A little over a decade ago, a talented artist created something for me from the concept artwork of ILM artist Warren Fu...

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Recreating “The Force Awakens” X-Wing Trench Run Scene by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

I must admit I miss doing this type of work...

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Colonial War Machine – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

I was combing through the site recently, coming upon this oldie, but goody from 1/1/2011… and I decided to bump it to the front page.
Kurt Kuhn


The Colonial War Machine was stronger than ever, ho...

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ROGUE ONE… Coming This December

A few days ago Disney released the official trailer to it’s upcoming Star Wars film… ROGUE ONE. Like everyone… I went nuts viewing all the very cool scenes in the trailer… magnificent...

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“… The Harder They Fall!” – Composite by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

I was fixing the broken feature image links, and I thought I would bump this one from 2013.


Wow… it has been quite a while since I did one of these, and this is a piece I had promised I would do ...

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“An Easy Escape” – A Kuhn Global Composite

It has been a while since I have ventured into the Composite realm. That stated… I was digging through some old work and found one that needed improvement in a great way…. and this came of it...

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2014 from Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic

Well here we are again… coming to the end of another amazing year of fantastic creations with an art form that continues to advance in every way...

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