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1:72 Viper MK II by John Beaulieu for the Sarah Scott Collection

Here is a beautiful build from an artist that has shown his fantastic works in the past…. John Beaulieu!

I am pleased to present to you my latest build for the Sarah Scott Collection!

She asked me h...

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1:350 Star Trek IV The Voyage Home Diorama by Sarah Scott

The talents of this artist are really showing! Known actress Sarah Scott has again come forward with a build she is working on… and what a beautiful piece this is!!









Sarah Scott


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USS Voyager built by John Beaulieu for the Sarah Scott Collection

Recently I was contacted by actress & model builder Sarah Scott about the most recent commission she had out with artist John Beaulieu! He was building her the Monogram kit of the USS Voyager! As you ...

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USS Voyager – WIP by John Beaulieu for the Sarah Scott Collection

Known Actor and fellow Model Builder/Collector Sarah Scott has commissioned artist John Beaulieu to build one of the old Monogram Voyager Kits! As you can see… John is currently working on interiors a...

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SOLD!! Republic Star Destroyer by Sarah Scott




Republic Star Destroyer


$90 U.S. OBO

Plus Shipping & Insurance

Parts from the fantastic Revell kit, artist and actor Sarah Scott has placed her incomplete buil...

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SOLD!! Battlestar TRITON by Sarah Scott




Battlestar TRITON


Plus Shipping

Built from the fantastic MOEBIUS kit, artist Sarah Scott, also known for her acting in many popular television series, has placed her...

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SG1 Daedalus by Sarah Scott

All SG1 fans know this vessel very well! Built from the fantastically mastered patterns of Barry Murray, artist Sarah Scott built this piece well...

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F-302 by Sarah Scott and Barry Murray

Artist Sarah Scott is back with another fine build… this one of the famed F-302 from Stargarte SG1! The entire underside was custom built by Scottish Artist Barry Murray to be the second generation of...

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SA-43 Hammerhead Fighter by Sarah Scott

I have the pleasure of introducing another artist to this gallery. Not only is she a model artist, but she is a known actress as well. Here is the work of Sarah Scott...

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