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Mark Tanner’s F4U CORSAIR

I have long been a fan of this plane’s design. It was the plane flown by the Black Sheep Squadron in the South Pacific in WWII and artist Mark Tanner captured it’s essence well in it’s fine detail...

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Round 2 – 1:1000 Klingon Bird of Prey & USS Grissom – Builds by Mark Tanner

Here are the first 1:1000 Klingon BoP and USS Grissom kits I have built. The first builds are always trying to see what the kit is, and learning how to build the second one even better.
Mark Tanner

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Mark Tanner’s 1/537 AMT USS Enterprise REFIT – WIP Part 2

Artist Mark Tanner continues his fantastic progress on the AMT 1/537 USS Enterprise REFIT from Star Trek The Motion Picture! Look at the detail he is placing in with his aztec panel painting! I am loo...

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Mark Tanner’s AIRWOLF

Those of us who grew up in the 80’s should like a little Airwolf!
Mark Tanner

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Mark Tanner’s 1/537 AMT USS Enterprise REFIT – WIP – Aztec Panels

Artist Mark Tanner shows his Work In Progress (WIP) of the 1/537 AMT Starship Enterprise from The Motion Picture...

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Mark Tanner’s Custom PAN AMERICAN AIRLINES Miniature Fleet

Artist Mark Tanner is building these wonderful aircraft from the Pan Am Fleet. I would love to see these done in a very large scale someday. I cannot wit to see the rest of the Fleet!

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Mark Tanner’s BELL XS-1

I have long been a fan of Aviation…. and those experimental planes that have opened up the world, and beyond for us all...

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Mark Tanner’s build of the Revell Germany Dassault Rafale M

Another great build by artist Mark Tanner! The Dassault Rafale M!!


















Mark Tanner

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JJ-Prise by Mark Tanner

I have the pleasure of introducing artist Mark Tanner to our Gallery! This piece is beautiful! If I understood correctly, THIS PIECE just MAY go up for sale soon! What a catch!!

I just got back into m...

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