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Dean Dymerski – NICE-N Model Designs – STAR WARS – Studio Scale Y-WING

This piece was originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on May 22, 2009 and now updated to today’s showing standard!
Y-wings are one of the best sci-fi designs ever created in my opin...

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SOLD!! Dean Dymerski Painted Master Replicas Millennium Falcon Prototype


Master Replicas

Studio Scale


Original Prototype Painted By


$5,000 or BEST OFFER

Plus Shipping and Insurance



Click HERE to Contact Seller...

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Awakening – Composite Art by Peter Noble

Another beautiful composite by Artist Peter Noble. Using the photos of the E. James Small “Ranger 3” TimeSlip Creations Kit build (Seen HERE), and one of the fantastic Mark Bradley Studio Sca...

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MR Studio Scale Falcon by Dean Dymerski

Already known for his great modeling skills, professional modeler Dean Dymerski was given the great honor of painting the Master Replica Studio Scale Millennium Falcon as the “Paint Master” that would...

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1:20 Lee “Apollo” Adama’s Mk II Viper by Dean Dymerski

Famed for his great artwork of the years,… especially for the fantastic paint master for the MR Millennium Falcon, here again is another great piece from professional modeler Dean Dymerski! Built from...

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1:24 Red Jammer Y-Wing by Dean Dymerski

Here is another beautiful build by professional modeler Dean Dymerski from the amazing NICE-N Model Designs Kit. Though the Red Jammer Y-Wing was not seen in any Star Wars film, it was one built for S...

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Studio Scale GALACTICA Viper by Dean Dymerski

I have seen many studio Viper builds during my time in this industry and hobby, but this one surely caught my eye with wonderful difference! Master artist Dean Dymerski took this beautiful studio kit ...

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Unas SG1 Demons by Dean Dymerski

Here is a recognizable face from SG1’s third season!  Dean Dymerski certainly has shown to be a complete professional artist in every way. Simply a beautiful piece!

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1:72 Clone Wars Y-Wing built by Dean Dymerski

Here is another great build by professional modeler Dean Dymerski! Built from a pattern created by Sovereign Replicas, Dean turned this small beauty into something incredible from the outstandi...

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1:20 VIPER Mk VII built by Dean Dymerski

WOW!! That is all I had to say when I viewed this completed piece! Built from a fantastic kit, Dean really made this piece realistic to the original CG files! BEAUTIFUL work by all involved!

To contac...

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