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KIT ALERT!! John Carter of Mars THOAT Rider from SiFi Rare Replicas



John Carter From Mars

Thoat Rider

Kit Producer: SiFi Rare Replicas DSCN5517

Kit Scale: 16.8 Inch Long

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: 5

Kit Price: Please Inquire

Shipping Amount: ...

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KIT ALERT! Star Trek DS9 10 Inch Bajoran Raider from SiFi Rare Replicas



Star Trek – DS9

Bajoran Raider

Kit Producer: SiFi Rare Replicas Bajoran_raider_studiomodel

Kit Scale: Studio (10 Inch)

Kit Price: Contact for Price

Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location

Shipping: Worl...

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2014 Science Fiction 3D Models Contest!!! from SiFi Rare Replicas

To all the 3D designers and fans of science fiction…


Sifirarereplicas will be soon a new little factory 3D printed models. We have invested in 2 new 3D printers.

Why have we done that inves...

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Introducing SiFi Rare Replicas – 3D Printing Services & Custom Model Maker


Being a huge fan and collector of science fiction films and tv-shows, I wanted to have a model kit regarding every movie or tv-show I had in my collection...

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