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KIT ALERT! NEW from PARAGRAFIX! – Don’s Light and Magic – Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 3) – 1/1400 USS Enterprise 1701-D – Phaser Strips and Power Conduit Trench Covers – PHOTO-ETCH




“Don’s Light and Magic”

1/1400 USS Enterprise 1701-D

PGX238: Phaser Strips $54.95 USD

PGX239: Power Conduit Trench Covers $19.95 USD

Plus Shipping

(Pricing is Subject t...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:1400 Enterprise “D” Phaser and Photo Etch Accessories

Kit Alert
DLM_LOGO_290X50Enterprise “D” Phaser and Photo Etch Accessories
Producer: Don’s Light and Magic
Scale: 1:1400
Material: Photo Etched Brass, .003 mils
Number of Pieces: 65
Price: $45
Shipping: $5
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