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Dave Olszewski – JT-Graphics/BAD-AZZ Models – Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica – 1/48 BLACKBIRD Viper

This is the Bad Azz 1/48 scale Blackbird from the reimagined BSG series – produced by Jeff Waclawski of JT Graphics...

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Dave Olszewski – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – Bad-Azz 1/48 Cylon Raider

This is the 1/48 newest generation Cylon Raider from the re-imagined BSG series. This kit was also produced by Bad Azz models. The finish was done using Model Master metallic paints.
Dave Olsz...

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OLSZEWSKI – Bad-Azz Models (JT Graphics) – 1/48 Battlestar Galactica “RAZOR” Cylon Raider

Here is the 1/48 Cylon (“Razor”) Raider from the BSG movie titled “Razor”. This excellent kit is produced by Bad Azz models (available from JT Graphics)...

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Dave Olszewski – BAD-AZZ – 1/4105 Battlestar Pegasus

I wanted to share my build up of the Bad Azz 1/4105 scale Battlestar Pegasus.  Most of the time went into the painting of the intricate panel details...
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Dave Olszewski – BAD-AZZ – 1/4105 Battlestar Valkyrie

I wanted to share my build up of Bad-Azz Models 1/4105 scale Battlestar Valkyrie...

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FOR SALE!! Bad-Azz Battlestar PEGASUS by Helios Models & Lighting





$1,200 USD

Plus Shipping

This piece is built from the Bad-Azz Pegasus Kit and lit with 8 different Thruster Effects...

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KIT ALERT! From JT Graphics… BAD-AZZ Models 1/2500 (10 Inch) Battlestar VALKYRIE Kit



Battlestar Galactica

10 Inch! (BSG-41) Battlestar VALKYRIE Kit

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$100 USD

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 1/2500 at 10″ X 3.6″

Kit Materials:

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Bad Azz 1:48 Cylon Raider by Dave Olszewski

Thought I’d share pics. of a 1/48 scale Cylon Raider produced by Bad Azz (available from JT-Graphics). This is also finished in Model Master metallic paints.


Dave Olszewski

Dave Olszewsk...

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Bad Azz 1:144 Battlestar Galactica Flak Canon by Dave Olszewski

This is absolutely beautiful!

This is the Bad Azz 1/144 Battlestar Galactica Flak Canon. I spent most of the time on the painting and weathering...

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Bad Azz 1:32 Viper Mk III by Dave Olszewski

Artist Dave Olszewski built TWO of these Bad Azz kits of the Mk III Viper (a beefy design which I love by the way)…...

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