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Mike Andreadakis – STAR WARS: Rogue One – Scratch Built, Scaled Replica ~1/127 (37″/ 93.98cm) Hammerhead Corvette “Lightmaker” (Corvette FIVE)

The Hammerhead has always been one of those Star Wars ships I kept hoping someone would design a kit for...

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Mike Andreadakis – Star Wars: A New Hope – BanDai 1/72 X-WING Red Squadron over Death Star Surface!

My 1/72 Bandai X-Wing Red Squadron with Death Star Surface base.This started off as having a single X-Wing that I built up one weekend for fun and evolved into the whole Red Squadron...

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Studio Scale RED 2 “Wedge Antilles” X-Wing by Mike Andreadakis

This is another impressive build by artist Mike Andreadakis! I love this RED 2! Nicely done!

This is my Salzo V4 Studio Scale X-Wing...

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Galactic Resin’s Studio Scale Y-Wing GOLD LEADER by Mike Andreadakis

Made from the Galactic Resin Studio Scale kit (Click HERE to View Kit), newly shown artist Mike Andreadakis beautifully built this piece to be like GOLD LEADER… with the TIE Fighter on the nose! Nicel...

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