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Starburst Models – Polar Lights – Star Trek – 1/350 Klingon K’Tinga

This is another Commission Build. I started out Cleaning all of the parts using warm water and a few drops of dish detergent to remove any mold release...

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Lou Dalmaso’s 66″ Enterprise NCC-1701 – The FINAL Chapter!

Artist Lou Dalmaso of AZTEK DUMMY shows us his final photos and Video of his amazing build of the old Custom Replicas kit...

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Lou Dalmaso’s 66″ BIG E is Nearing Completion!

My big E build is nearing the end...

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TREKCORE Updates – The Smithsonian Continues Restoration of the USS Enterprise

Links provided by Mike Makkreel, TREKCORE is doing wonderful work restoring the Enterprise. One video is shot and offered by artist Lou Dalmaso!


Here is a letter...

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POTA Icarus with Interior by Lou Dalmaso

This fantastic build (from the Crows Nest Model Kit “FOUND HERE“) is by the artist/kit maker known as Aztek Dummy… or better yet… Mr. Lou Dalmaso! Fantastic job Lou!!

Recently, I had the good fortune ...

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Moebius Cylon Raider by Lou Dalmaso

Here is another beautiful build by artist Lou Dalmaso! Built from the fantastic Moebius kit, this sure shows what quality is!





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Babylon 5 Thunderbolt Fighter by Lou Dalmaso

I miss Babylon 5. Still, these magnificent builds of the designs from that show bring me great memories of it...

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Mk 6 Ironman by Lou Dalmaso

Artist Lou Dalmaso has done it again with another fantastic build of the Moebius kit to be a very realistic look of Ironman! I am always impressed with this artist’s work!




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Proteus by Lou Dalmaso

This fantastic WIP is by Lou Dalmaso from the Crows Nest Kit. He tells me the lighting is just being finalized for this piece and I am pleased to be able to show it today.





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Moebius Colonial Viper Mk VII by Lou Dalmaso

I love Viper builds… and artist Lou Dalmaso (Aztek Dummy) shows exactly how great they can look! This build being from the newly released Moebius Models kit, it is apparent that both Lou, and...

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