Kuhn Global KIT UN-BOXING – Dynamic Digital Creations 1/1930 (HALF STUDIO SCALE or 29.5″/ 75cm) Battlestar Galactica BSG-75 Kit!

Hello everyone! It is well to see Modelers Miniatures & Magic again showing new content! Thank you to Chris Dye and his team!! I am pleased to say that I too shall be adding to what will be shown.

Just before I retired from Modeler Magic (back on May 31, 2021), I received a few new kits to unbox, not having the opportunity to do so until today. I am excited to do so, especially now that MMM is running at full speed once more.

I am pleased to show a kit that has been out for months now, yet still is highly anticipatory to many model builders and fans alike. From Dynamic Digital Creations, we have the 1/1930 BSG-75. In the title I state it is “half studio scale” only because it is to scale with the half studio scale Battlestar Galactica TOS Kit that Mike Salzo had released years ago now. In my opinion, they will show together quite well.

As most are aware, the original Battlestar Galactica is MUCH larger than the 2003 re-imagining BSG-75. The newer design has very little in common with the TOS design other than basic shape. The new design is very involved with much in paneling, ribs, and gun emplacements over the entire hull (especially the Blood & Chrome version, which is also an option for this DDC kit). That stated, the difference in size between the built kits will make little difference to the eye once built. Seeing them displayed together (if you are able to have both versions in this size) will likely be very welcomed to everyone who views them.

As I noticed the great packing I received, and the wonderful model DIRECTIONS provided, (Yes.. they are provided!), I then took notice that the BSG-75 Kit has many, many parts. As such, I only laid out the main body parts, and took photos of every bag of parts that are included…. which also include the Blood & Chrome, and Tiny Viper upgrades that DDC offers. I actually plan on this kit to be built as the Blood & Chrome version… which looks a bit more aggressive in my opinion.

As stated above, the packing received was fantastic, with no damage at all done during shipping (which from my location was from the other side of this planet). The fact that no damage occurred was amazing. It helped that Tony of DDC went to great lengths to pack it so well. This included some plastic containers for the small, delicate, and 3D printed smaller parts that were included with my kit.

Looking at most of the kit, one can tell the engineering of this kit was quite in depth. Even so, this kit is not for the beginner in this art form, and shall require much care. The parts are very detailed in some areas, and a bit blotchy in others, requiring clean up in some very small spaces. Tedious in task, yet that is where the fun is in making something come to life, right? As a former builder, I know this well. There are some parts, like the clear engine inserts (which are very cool btw), and may be easy to fit. As you may see in the photos below, I dry fit one of these inserts without issue as they seem to simply slide into place. They are neat clear resin features that I am pleased were added. Another neat feature of this kit are the interiors of the Landing/Launch Pods Bays. They require no future add-on parts to create those interiors…. Unless of course you wish then to be even more than they are offered. The interior of the Pods on my kit need a bit of clean up, though I believe they will look great after the build is completed. One of the features I like about them is that they are clearly marked as to which side they belong on, and whether they are front or rear parts for the Pods

There are some exterior areas that shall require attention on the kit seen in my photos below, though I must admit that some of the minor problems may actually add to the details that make the kit look like a massive Battlestar. When viewing the fine details between the ribs, one will notice there are many. As any model maker is aware, any tiny details, or markings only give a model this size better scale to the eye, making it appear as if there are many tiny parts making up the paneling and details of the ship.

As I recall another great representation of this Battlestar versionBSG-75… a great artist named Kip Hart had made a 22 inch kit of it years ago. Kip shall always be remembered for his great contributions to this art form, and is always missed. If you have one of Kip’s kits, I advise always keeping it, building it. and showing it on Modeler Magic’s pages. That stated, this DDC kit is much larger should one wish to dive into such sizes as some have… like myself.

Overall…. Tony Celliers of Dynamic Digital Creations did a marvelous job bringing this kit into the physical realm for everyone to build. It bridges the gap between the normal sized model and the huge model for this genre. It gives great representation to the digital model utilized for the Television Series. The quality is wonderful, yet is not perfect, with clean up needed in some areas. That stated, and once again, this kit is not for the beginner, but for the experienced model builder. The options provided by DDC to convert this into the Blood & Chrome version of Galactica is very much appreciated as well. I highly recommend this kit for any Battlestar Galactica fan who wishes a large option for display. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has the Mike Salzo half studio scale TOS Galactica… as they shall display wonderfully together!

Of note: Oustanding Job Tony.. and I am grateful of all you do for the art form, my friend. Thank You!

Garage Kits have come a VERY long way over the past 20 years. While nothing is perfected yet, quality is still going up, along with great design work in bringing models into kit form. Even delivery issues are down as many are realizing that being a Professional in this art form is much better than the alternative. With that stated, know that it is up to us all to keep this ball rolling in the right direction. What we have as tools and technique are always improving. With 3D printing now taking over much of this art form in parts creation, I foresee that the Resin Garage Kit is still viable, and shall be for at least a decade as 3D printing becomes more advanced, affordable, and mainstream.

I wish to add a quick nod of great appreciation to some friends who designed the BSG-75, and those Digital Artists who brought her to life onscreen, as well as Tony Lamb for bringing this DDC kit into reality for all to build.

Enjoy the high resolution photos…

Peace be unto you

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Incorporated

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