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COLLECTION WARS! Episode 4: Kurt Kuhn – The Man Behind Modeler Magic

Welcome back to COLLECTION WARS! This was shown on March 11, 2021.

In this episode we interview Kurt Kuhn, the founder of

Kurt has inspired sci-fi fans around the world with his amazi...

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Clayton Wagner / Robert Wagner / Mike Garland / Model Ship Masters / Mid-County Fabricating / River Bottom Studios – Fantastic Collection Displays at the Wagner Family Candy Store!

I recently became aware of this magical Candy Store in MN. that had all of these wonderful displays… so I invited Clayton Wagner to show it all off… and here is all he shared…

Here is a picture of th...

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Here is Jo along side the First Avenger… Captain America! We also have some 1/3 scale and 1/4 scale figures we offer.
Paul and Jo

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KIT ALERT! from FANTASTIC PLASTIC! 1/1400 S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Kit!




(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$135 USD

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 1/1400

Kit Materials: Resin, Decals, Photoetch Brass

Number of Pieces: 14...

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CRAGGS – 1/4 Venom

Made for one of his clients down in Australia, artist Paul Craggs made this huge 1/4 VENOM to look amazing!

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The Collection Room and Works of Jon Schumann

I have been a long time viewer of Modeler Magic and thought I would submit some of the things that I have created over my modeling career. Here is a general look at my current collection...

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Paul Craggs “Spider-Man Homecoming” Mark 47 IRONMAN

I loved Spider-man Homecoming. I especially enjoyed that Tony Stark is mentoring young Peter Parker...

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Paul Craggs….. “I AM GROOT!”

Groot is one of my favorite character creations…. and this 3D printed marvel is fantastic by artist Paul Craggs!

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Paul Craggs! 1/4 Groot, Rocket & Ironman… and a 1/3 Alien

Artist Paul Craggs has been busy! Not only is he selling kits of some of the items he creates, as well as full build-ups, and he still manages to create even more as he does so! All 3D printed…...

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MOEBIUS Iron Man by Gary Salerno of STARBURST Models

I wanted to add to the MARVEL section of Modelers Miniatures & Magic with a Moebius Iron Man build that I had done a while ago. I thought that Iron Man would be a nice addition.
The very best to you a...

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