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R.L. Bleecker (2008) – MSLZ22 Models – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA – Four Studio Scale COLONIAL VIPERS – Built in 2008 for the Kuhn Global Collection

These Colonial Vipers WIP’s were originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on February 27, 2009 and is now updated to today’s showing standard! Built by artist R.L...

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KIT ALERT! ~38 Inch! Blockade Runner from KORBANTH



~38″ Blockade Runner

Wave 1 (First 20) SOLD OUT and SHIPPED!

Wave 2 Kits will be made during October & November 2019

(Pricing is Subject...
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Building the Dream: Kuhn Global’s Star Trek The Motion Picture USS Enterprise Refit Replica

There is so much content on this that we have to show everyone...

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Kuhn Global’s 40.5 Inch REPUBLIC & IMPERIAL Venator Class Star Destroyers – NOW COMPLETED! – by Dan Grumeretz

These two beautiful builds were done by artist Dan Grumeretz for the Collection here. They began life as patterns created by artist Alfred Wong for the now defunct company PRECISIONEER...

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Kuhn Global’s KORBANTH Dreadnought “DESTRUCTION” – Built by Dan Grumeretz

When I first viewed photos of art Alfred Wong making these patterns for KORBANTH of the immense Mandator IV-Class Siege Dreadnought DESTRUCTION, I was intrigued greatly! Upon getting my kit (VIEW HERE

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Kuhn Global ANIGRAND 1/144 Rebel Transport Re-Build by Dan Grumeretz – Display Includes BanDai 1/144 X-Wing & Y-Wing

Here is one that was purchased and initially built by artist Richard Long. Unfortunately it met with some challenged transport (no pun intended) and ended up in a few pieces...

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Kuhn Global’s 1/20 FM Model Co Colonial Viper MK7e – Modified as the Pierre Drolet MK7B Replica – by Dan Grumeretz

Here is a model kit that has been sitting in a box for years. We are just now getting to many of those that have been waiting to be built...

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Kuhn Global’s 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie Concept A-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

Artist Ralph McQaurrie will always be remembered for his brilliant and imaginative work in the film and art industry...

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KORBANTH Studio Scale X-Wing – The Kuhn Global ROGUE ONE Captain Merrick Fighter by Dan Grumeretz

We have so many studio scale X-Wings here on display...

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Kuhn Global’s Ralph McQuarrie/Joe Johnston 1/24 X-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

This one was along time coming. I purchased a few parts from the kit’s original pattern maker (Richard Long) years ago, and I knew then were parts missing...

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