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Professor Dr. Stefan Piasecki – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: TOS – Cylon Basestar Scratch Build to be In Scale with the Revell/Monogram Battlestar Kit!

Scratch built: Cylon Basestar

I always loved the Cylons and when I was a kid I dreamed of building Cylon spacecrafts – and even did, from cardboard.
After completing Mike Salzo’s wonderful BSG kit a...

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Studio Scale Moebius Cylon Raider by Dr. Stefan Piasecki

I finalized another one of my models, this time a Cylon Raider by Moebius. I do not have to praise the kit itself as others have done this before...

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Introducing Professor, Dr. Stefan Piasecki and his 37.5 Inch Battlestar Galactica

Being a Galactica fan, since I first saw it on TV at the age of 11, I was truly excited when I first heard of Mike Salzo’s attempt to create a 1/2 size studio scale version of the Battlestar...

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