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SOLD! Studio Scale TRENCH RUN Diorama by John John Jesse




Studio Scale Trench Run Diorama

Artist John John Jesse spent 6 months creating this studio scale diorama featuring three studio scale models fully lit with LED’s and f...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale Snowspeeder T-47 by John John Jesse

It has been a long while since John John has shown works here, and this one certainly reminds us of his excellence! This studio T-47 was recently sold to a collector! Beautiful!!








To visit Jo...

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Studio Scale ESB Snowspeeder by John John Jesse

John John Jesse has done it again with this beautiful build of the NICE-N Model Designs Kit to be a replica of the Snowspeeder that Wedge Antilles flew in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back! This piece...

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1:24 Trench Run Diorama by John John Jesse

The final battle toward the end of Star Wars is one that sticks in everyone’s minds...

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Studio Scale Y-Wing by John John Jesse

Fantastic artist John John Jesse keeps coming forward with amazing builds to show! This one of the NICE-N Model Designs Studio Scale Y-Wing (of the now retired original cast kit)...

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Studio Scale TIE Fighter by John John Jesse

Artist John John Jesse has returned with this outstanding build of the Imperial TIE Fighter studio model replica! Built from the NICE-N Model Designs Kit, this piece is beautiful all the way ...

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1:24 TIE Interceptor by John John Jesse

I have the great pleasure of introducing another fine artist to this Gallery…...

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