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John Stuart / JAITEA – Randy Cooper Models – Star Wars – BLOCKADE RUNNER


Randy Cooper Models


This Blockade Runner was built from the Randy Cooper Kit and is approximately 27 inches in length. This was a commission build.
John Stuart

To co...

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Kevin Hoppert – Randy Cooper Models – STAR WARS – 1:96 SANDCRAWLER Diorama

This is built from a Randy Cooper Sandcrawler kit (2011), and is around 1/96 scale. The cockpit, headlights, and entry areas are all lit, and the final vehicle was set in a small diorama setting...

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Rob McFarlane / Jon Foster / Richard Lamer / Randy Cooper – Land of the Giants – 20″ (50.8cm) SPINDRIFT

This 20” replica of the Spindrift from “Land of the Giants” was engineered and printed by Jon Foster and Richard Lamer. The interior pieces were created by Randy Cooper...

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The FX Company – Randy Cooper Models – Star Wars: A New Hope – 27″ Blockade Runner “TANTIVE IV”

I remember when Randy Cooper created and released this kit...

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Randy Cooper – Mike Salzo – 37.5″ (95.25cm) BATTLESTAR GALACTICA

Here we go! This is what comes into reality when two fantastic artist’s contributions are brought together...

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Randy Cooper – Model from 1979 – Construction Ship / HOME DEPOT Freighter

This is the oldest original model I have. It’s 41 years old. I recently had to open it up, because of interior parts that came loose...

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Arnaud Selesneff – Randy Cooper Models 27″ Blockade Runner “TANTIVE IV”

I present to you my last project realized for a collector with the Randy Cooper kit of the 27″ Tantive IV Blockade Runner...

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Randy Cooper – Land of the Giants – 3D Printed 1/25 SPINDRIFT

This beautiful piece was built by Randy and includes interior parts that Randy currently sells to anyone wanting to upgrade their own build of the Spindrift! Fantastic!

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Randy Cooper Models – STAR WARS “The WEDGE” – An Artist Original Design, Scratch & Bash

Star Wars “The Wedge” tank. It’s my own design, made from kit bashed parts I have lying around the shop. No drawing or sketches. Just improvised building. I want to finish it in 48 hours. Well...

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Carson Ward’s – STAR WARS – Randy Cooper Models – 42″ Imperial Star Destroyer

I just finished a monster of a model. Here is my vision of Randy Coopers 1/1500 ISD. I added extra piping to the rear corner engine areas as well as lots of extra detail bits on other parts as well...

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