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JP MODELWORKS – “The Battle of Scarif” from Rogue One A Star Wars Story Build

“The Battle of Scarif” from Rogue One A Star Wars Story Build

Using two complete Zeveda 1/2700 Star Destroyer kits, I wanted to duplicate the scene of the two Star Destroyers being pushed into ea...

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JP ModelWorks / Jeff Pollizzotto – Scratch Built – STAR TREK – 25″ (with Arms Attached) Federation Work Shuttle & Diorama COMPLETED!

The completed “Star Trek Federation Work Shuttle” project. Started in October of 2020, it’s been quite a ride. A most challenging but fun project...

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JP Modelworks – 1/20 Star Trek Federation Starbase Work Shuttle

One of my current projects is a 1/20 scale Star Trek Federation Starbase Work Shuttle. This is my own design that was started last October 2020...

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JP Modelworks – FIREFLY – Captain Mal Reynolds Pistol!

Another finished build. This one is a 1:1 Scale resin prop of Captain Mal’s pistol from Firefly. I picked this one up at Wonderfest last year and I finally had to build it...

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JP Modelworks – Delta Starfighter’s, Mk1 & Mk 2

Here is another finished model from the Pandemic workshop.

This is a design I had done in the 80’s and I built the MK 1 version then. Fast forward to 2020...

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JP Modelworks – Monsters in Motion – Alfred Wong – (10.5″L x 12″W) Buck Rogers HAWK StarFighter

During the pandemic I’ve making the best use of my time and building! This is one of the kits that I got done...

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JP Modelworks – Federation Models – Star Trek: The Motion Picture – 1/12 Work Bee

This is my version of the Federation Models Star Trek Work Bee from The Motion Picture. The Bee is the basic kit from Federation but the sled is my own scratch built addition ...

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FineScale Modeler Magazine features Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks!, and His Steampunk Airship!

What can I say that is not already known, or stated of this fantastic model maker. This February 2020 feature in Fine Scale Modeler is fantastic, and well earned showing Jeff’s Steampunk Airship (SHOW...

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Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks -“N” Scale – H.M.S. Sojourner Steampunk Airship

This is a 99% scratch built model of my own design. I was fascinated by the Steampunk genre and wanted to build my own version of a Victorian style flying machine...

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FOR SALE!! Rey’s Speeder Diorama from “The Force Awakens” by Jeff Pollizzotto



The Force Awakens

Rey’s Speeder

$800 USD

Plus Shipping

This is a diorama I completed using the Hasbro toy speeder and Rey figure...

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