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Round 2 (22 Inch!) Space 1999 Eagle built by Stephen Dymszo and Photos by Karl Tate

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! This is shown with the accurate landing pad graphic, which is sold currently! (Click HERE to purchase one for your own Round 2 Eagle build!).

Steve put 150 hours of ...

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KIT ALERT! Aluminum Studio X-Wing Armatures from Mike Reader




Studio X-Wing Armatures


$125 each

Plus Shipping

Artist and Machinist Mike Reader is now offering these fantastic machined aluminum X-Wing armatures for you s...

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7 Swift’s built by E. James Small

I can never get enough of this artist’s work! These Swifts are beautiful! Artist E. James Small always impresses with his fantastic techniques and finish to the pieces he creates! Beautiful!

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Space 1999 Studio Scale Ultra Probe by E. James Small

I recently was able to add this fantastic artist to the list of the great artist shown here…. and this piece is a serious reason why! James Small…...

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