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The Third Models – MARK MYERS – Polar Lights – Star Trek – 1/350 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 – Reflecting the 1966-’69 TOS 11′ Filming Model!

Here is my personal 1/350 Polar Lights Original series Enterprise build. The model was one of the original releases so I had to fill in the way out of scale and incorrect grid lines...

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Misa Nikolic – LEGO – Matt Jefferies – Star Trek: The Original Series – Concept Shuttle (aka Executive Shuttle, aka Aeroshuttle)

This craft is based on the original concept sketches by Matt Jefferies, which were abandoned due to the cost of constructing complex curves on a TV budget...

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Bill George – Star Trek: The Next Generation “All Good Things” – OLYMPIC Class Studio Model (USS Olympic/Pasteur) – Photos Color Corrected by FLEETYARD

Here are my color corrected photos of the Olympic class...

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Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum – “Star Trek” Starship “Enterprise” Original Studio Model

This model of the fictional starship Enterprise was used in the weekly hour-long “Star Trek” TV show (NBC-TV), which aired from September 1966 until June 1969...

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Gary Kerr’s 1/2 Studio Scale (11″) STAR TREK Shuttlecraft for the POLAR LIGHTS KIT

I designed the Galileo for Polar Lights over 7 years ago, but it went into stasis because the model would have 3 times the number of parts that Jamie Hood (at Round 2) thought that an upscaled 1974 AM...

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Roddenberry Vault (Blu-ray Screen Captures) of the USS Enterprise Studio Model from Karl Tate

My best photos of the Enterprise being filmed come from The Roddenberry Vault blu-ray. They are frame grabs from Roddenberry Vault.



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USS Enterprise Studio Model at the Smithsonian – Photos & Video by Kurt & Melanie Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

After donating the Studio Scale Motion Picture Enterprise REFIT Replica to The Museum of Science Fiction this past May 24-26 at Escape Velocity, and while we were in the Washington DC area, my wife Me...

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ALERT!! POSSIBLE KIT!! 1:500 Star Trek PHASE II Enterprise 1701 Study Model

GREAT NEWS!! The Phase II Enterprise has been created in 1:500 by artist David Shaw! The even better news is that David is speaking with famed artist Jim Key about the possibility of kitting this fant...

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Pierre Drolet’s Star Trek STARSHIP BONEYARD – Featuring Starship Designs from Famed Artists

Pierre Drolet’s talents are well noted in both the industry and the art form...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:72 Jeffries Shuttle from SRS Prototyping



An Original Star Trek – Matt Jeffries Design


Kit Producer: SRS Prototyping !cid_8E1BC425-2EBD-4B74-A7F9-128C42EAA212@home

*Kit Scale: 1:72

*Kit Materials: Urethane

*Number of Pieces: 26

*Kit Price: $85...

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