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MarioMaker – DeAgostini Model Space – Gerry Anderson’s THUNDERBIRD 2

I normally build resin kits but every so often, get an injection molded kit and build that.

This is a Thunderbird 2 kit from De Agostini Model Space...

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More Gerry Anderson Designs – Miniatures from Alan Walker

Artist Alan Walker has shown us many great works in miniature form of the amazing Gerry Anderson designs. Here is another great one! Can you identify it, and what it is from?!

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Gerry Anderson’s OCEAN PIONEER 2 from Thunderbirds – by Alan Walker

From Gerry Anderson’s classic 1960’s TV show Thunderbirds, here is a small scratch built model, Ocean Pioneer 2 replica. This was a guest craft that was featured in an episode...

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Alan Walker’s THUNDERBIRD 2

Once again artist Alan Walker shows us his wonderful scratch builds from his Gerry Anderson Collection. Thunderbird 2!


Model prop an...

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Alan Walker’s – SKYSHIP ONE – From the Movie THUNDERBIRD 6

This is another scratch build I made. In the movie Brains, pretending to be a scientist, designs this futuristic airship for an airline company. On board is Lady P...

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KIT ALERT! LARGE 1/144 (21.26 Inches!!) Thunderbird 2 from DeAgostini Model Space



Thunderbird 2

$1,319.88 USD
($109.99 USD for 12 Months)

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: 1/144

  • Each shipment includes high-quality parts to build your Thunderbird 2 plus rescue vehicles...
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Recent Works of DAE CHOI

Through the wet, Florida, USA weather… artist Dae Choi has been expanding his portfolio of great builds!

Large Hasbro M. Falcon with lights.IMG_0949 (2)

IMG_0953 (2)

IMG_0906 (2)

IMG_0908 (2)

DSC01881 (2)

DSC01883 (2)

DSC01898 (2)




IMG_0937 (2)

IMG_0941 (2)

Invader’s UFO...

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SOLD!! 20 Inch! FAB1 from Randy Cooper





This replica is a very rare piece!.. It’s 20″ long and comes with the an acrylic display case! It is still in the box and Fab 1 is in perfect condition...

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