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Bruce Bertie’s SPACE 1999 3D Printed COMMLOCK

This is a Space 1999 Commlock I drew in Tinkerecad and 3D printed. Required a bit of sanding but came out pretty good!
Bruce Bertie

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Bruce Bertie’s Death Star Surface & Trench Display – Part 2

This is impressive work by Bruce!


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The Jetsons – ROSIE by Bruce Bertie

This is one I made from foam, polyfiller, resign and ridiculous amounts of sanding! It’s Rosie the robot from the Jetsons. I was annoyed that all you could get online was a 3″ tall ornament version...

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Death Star Surface WALL HANGING by Bruce Bertie

This is a Death Star wall hanging I made a couple of years ago. It’s consists of around 450 plaster tiles and is roughly 7 x 4 feet.
Bruce Bertieimage003



Bruce Bertie

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