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Masterpiece Model’s 31 Inch Nautilus by Jerry Testa

This is the 31” version of Disney’s Nautilus produced by Masterpiece Models. It was a well thought out kit that was a pleasure to assemble...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:500 (13 Inch!) Prometheus from Fantastic Plastic Models




Kit Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models Prometheus-Main

Kit Scale: 1/500

Kit Materials: Resin, Brass Photo-Etch

Number of Pieces: 333

Kit Price: $200 USD Plus Shipping

Shipping Amount...

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KIT ALERT! 1:288 (17 inch) Convair Nexus SSTO Mega-Booster by Fantastic Plastic

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Convair Nexus SSTO Mega-Booster w/Mars Mission Payload
Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models
Scale: 1:288
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 71
Price: $150
Shipping: $20 USA | $40 ...
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KIT ALERT!!! 1:144 (1954) Bell BoMi MX-2276 from Fantastic Plastic

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Bell BoMi MX-2275 3-Stage Skip-Glide Bomber
Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models
Scale: 1:144
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 22
Price: $70
Shipping: $9 USA, $15...

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