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Saltire Technologies – STARGATE 1:2500 X-304 Deadalus built by Ian Lawrence

Originally shown here January 25, 2009, this was built from the fantastic kit patterned by Barry Murray (of Saltire Technologies) by UK artist Ian Lawrence. Here is what Ian had to say about it…

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1:24 Vader ETA3 Concept by Barry Murray

Nearly a decade ago in 2008, Scottish artist, and pattern maker, Barry Murray made his own, fantastic ETA Fighter design! Custom crafted from another model, Barry designed this piece to go along with ...

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SOLD!! VERY RARE!! Stargate L.E. Production Plates from Barry Murray




Limited Edition

Production Plates!!


I own the Stargate production plates from the limited edition Stargate collectible...

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SG1 Daedalus by Sarah Scott

All SG1 fans know this vessel very well! Built from the fantastically mastered patterns of Barry Murray, artist Sarah Scott built this piece well...

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F-302 by Sarah Scott and Barry Murray

Artist Sarah Scott is back with another fine build… this one of the famed F-302 from Stargarte SG1! The entire underside was custom built by Scottish Artist Barry Murray to be the second generation of...

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1:20 Arvus Lighter Dropship WIP by Barry Murray

Famed Scottish Artist Barry Murray is back with this fantastic work in progress scratch build of the Arvus Lighter Dropship! This piece is fantastic with all the fine details Barry is adding! It has b...

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1:24 Viper Mk VII mastered by Barry Murray

We have seen this fighter done accurately in many different scales, but this is the first we have seen accurately done in 1:24 scale! Beautifully mastered by professional modeler Barry Murray, this pi...

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1:32 F-22 Toy Conversion by Barry Murray

Using a toy he bought from Toys R Us, master modeler Barry Murray once again shows us that toys are not always pieces that cannot be made to be accurate! This F-22 was built for GI Joe figures! And Ba...

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JEDI Interceptor/Trainer HASBRO TOY Conversion by Barry Murray

I have seen much from this amazing and talented professional pattern maker… and he continues to expand his creativeness with new design...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:24 Jedi Starfighter mastered by Barry Murray


This kit has been one of the most eagerly awaited kits for quite some time...

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