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R.L. Bleecker – FM Model Co. – Battlestar Galactica – Kuhn Global’s 1:20 Mk II Colonial Viper – Blue Screen by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn)

This piece was originally shown here on Modelers Miniatures & Magic back on March 27, 2009, and is still beautifully displayed here today...

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SOLD!! FM Model Co. 1/32 B-Wing by John Simmons


Now in the Scott Graham Collection!

John Simmons

FX Model Miniatures


1/32 B-Wing


Plus Shipping, ONO

To contact the SELLER direct, please click the CONTACT SELLER link below.

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REL/FM Model Co 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie Concept X-WING by Arnaud Selesneff

Here is my latest project, made from the Richard Long (REL) patterned Frank Cerney (FM Model Co) kit. The X-WING is Ralph McQuarrie 1/24 SCALE...

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Kuhn Global’s 1/20 FM Model Co Colonial Viper MK7e – Modified as the Pierre Drolet MK7B Replica – by Dan Grumeretz

Here is a model kit that has been sitting in a box for years. We are just now getting to many of those that have been waiting to be built...

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FM Model Company 1:24 E-Wing by Scott Graham

Originally shown here on Modeler Magic back on June 11, 2009, I felt this was a great candidate to bring to our front pages once more.

Here is another example of great creativity by talented artist Sc...

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Kuhn Global’s Ralph McQuarrie/Joe Johnston 1/24 X-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

This one was along time coming. I purchased a few parts from the kit’s original pattern maker (Richard Long) years ago, and I knew then were parts missing...

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Patrick Reilly Brings to Life the McQuarrie Concept X-Wing Concept Painting

The scene was composited using 4 photos.
– 1/24 McQuarrie X wing model
– 1/72 Bandai Tie Fighter (duplicated)
– 2 deathstar panels from Bandai

The Images were cropped and composited in Photoshop...

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Patrick Reilly’s – Richard Long Patterned – FM Model Co. 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie X-Wing

I am an artist from Orlando Florida. My main job is doing concept art for attractions through out the world, but occasionally I also do fantasy m/sci-fi books, magazine and comic cover art.
Up until t...

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Robin Moore’s 1:24 Ralph McQuarrie X-Wing

Renegade Replicas owner Robin Moore is well known for his amazing skills and collection. As a matter of fact, his “nerd cave” (as he calls it) was just featured (CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT)...

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1:20 FM Model Company MK VII Colonial Viper by Dave Olszewski

I love how Dave displayed the Mk VII on the MiM Launch Rail…. a beautiful build and display!

“Here are some pics of a Frank & Moe Viper Mk VII that I built...

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