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Franck Mathieu’s 5 Foot Falcon – COMPLETED Photos

I have continually been impressed with artist Franck Mathieu. This 5 foot studdio scale Falcon keeps adding icing to an already amazing cake! I love this!!




To visit Franck Mathieu’s ARCHEO ART...

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Studio Scale 5 Foot Falcon – WIP by Franck Mathieu

Artist Franck Mathieu is well noted for going the distance in replicating the larger filming models scene in the Star Wars SAGA. This one has my jaw dropped! IMPRESSIVE!!

944096_10201390955731954_632481147248929365_n 12525435_10201390955851957_4721502356582315362_o

To visit Franck Mathie...

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9 Foot! Studio Scale SUPER STAR DESTROYER Exectutor by Franck Mathieu

A while back, French artist Franck Mathieu contacted me, showing me his armature for this studio scale beast! Just a few days ago he finished the project! This is BEAUTIFUL! And, if I am not mistaken…...

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FANTASTIC!! HUGE Studio Scale SUPER STAR DESTROYER “Executor” – WIP by Franck Mathieu of SSF

This new build by Franck Mathieu of the “Executor” Super Star Destroyer is fantastic! He is taking on one of the most difficult builds at the full studio scale size of 2m 80cm (9 foot 2 inches), and h...

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SOLD!! HUGE 1:32 Millennium Falcon by Franck Mathieu of SSF


HUGE at 1:32 Scale

Star Wars

Millennium Falcon

Scratch Built by

Franck Mathieu











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Over 2 Meters Long! SULACO – Scratch Built by Franck Mathieu

Amazing Artist Franck Mathieu is back ….. and better than ever! We all remember his last build… a 1:32 Millennium Falcon! Again building from scratch, this artist amazes me with the immense s...

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HUGE 1:32 Millennium Falcon – Scratch Built by Franck Mathieu

I was recently made aware of this amazing artist from France… and the amazing artists of the Studio Scale Federation...

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Super Star Destroyer “Executor” Studio Model photos from Marco Groen

The Studio Model displayed at a staggering length of 2m 80cm (9 foot 2 inches)! Though it was originally told to Modeler Magic to have been 3.66m (12 feet) in length…...

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