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KIT ALERT!! From NICE-N Model Designs – STAR TREK – Studio Scale – KLINGON Bird of Prey Replica KIT!



Studio Scale

KLINGON Bird of Prey Replica KIT!

(Pricing is Subject to Change by Kit Seller)

$3,500 USD

Plus Shipping

Kit Scale: Studio Scale

Shipping Amount: $200 shipping wit...

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Lee Ralph’s (Johnston/Rodis-Jamero SKETCHBOOK & Cantwell/McQuarrie Inspired) Concept Y-Wing – COMPLETED!!

Here is my Joe Johnston Star Wars Sketchbook Concept Y wing.

I’d been toying with the idea of building this some two years back or so now...

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Kuhn Global – ESB Sketchbook Inspired – Imperial Cutter INTRACTIBLE by R.L. Bleecker – Blue Screen Photos by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn)

About a decade ago, I tasked artist R.L. Bleecker with building this piece. It would be a larger version of a small model he scratch built while in a shop we had running at that time...

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