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Profiles in History 2017 – Gary Cannavo Collection – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Studio Filming Model’s Photos

As previously stated in an earlier showing regarding this collection, Gary Cannavo no longer owns it, but during the process of placing it for sale, Profiles in History showed these amazing photos of ...

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Profiles in History 2017 – Gary Cannavo Collection – Battlestar Galactica Studio Filming Model’s Photos

Gary no longer has this collection, but when he did own it, Profiles in History showed these amazing photos of it all during the Auction of the collection...

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Buck Rogers – DRACONIA Studio Model Photos by E. James Small

Photos taken by James while in the collection of Gary Cannavo, this is a design I have long wanted to have in my own collection...

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Battlestar Galactica CYLON Tanker Studio Model Photos by E. James Small

A HUGE THANK YOU to industry artist James Small for allowing Modeler Magic to show these on our pages. These photos were taken by James during the time it was in the Gary Cannavo Collection...

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ALERT!!! Garry Cannavos’ Battlestar Galactica Studio Models – Photos DVD Offer


Gary Cannavo


Battlestar Galactica

Studio Models

Photos DVD

Attention Model Builders,

I just wanted to let everyone know I have finally acquired the only DVD of all the Galactica Mode...

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Buck Rogers… HAWK Fighter Studio Model Reference from, Photos by James Small of the Gary Cannavo Collection

Recently Gary Cannavo, now the former owner of the both the original Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers studio model collection, allowed for some of the studio model photos taken by artist James Sma...

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The Original Battlestar Galactica Flies Again! By Charles Adams and Richard Lindstrom

The 1978 version of the Galactica has always been one of my favorite sci-fi subjects...

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Studio Scale ESB Cloud Car built by E.James Small for the Gary Cannavo Collection

Built from the TimeSlip Creations kit, this replica is beautifully built by world famed modeling artist E. James Small. This piece now resides in the fantastic collection of Mr...

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Building the Space 1999 Studio Scale “Ultra Probe” by E. James Small

As you viewed with his completed “Ultra Probe” we showed on this Gallery last week, here is a little bit on how that fantastic creation came to be as well as a little more information by, and about Ma...

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KIT ALERT!!! STUDIO SCALE Type VI Shuttle Kit from BattleBuck.Com

Here we have a beautiful new kit of the Type 6 Shuttles used in Star Trek! These kits are exact replicas of the original filming models. Gary Cannavo and crew of have done amazing work ...

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