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FineScale Modeler Magazine features Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks!, and His Steampunk Airship!

What can I say that is not already known, or stated of this fantastic model maker. This February 2020 feature in Fine Scale Modeler is fantastic, and well earned showing Jeff’s Steampunk Airship (SHOW...

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Laurent Perini’s 1/32 Focker Wulf Diesel Punk Vehicle

I love to view, and show what this artist creates! Laurent Perini’s latest creation is a design that truly gets the imagination running. Fantastic work by artist Laurent Perini!

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Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks -“N” Scale – H.M.S. Sojourner Steampunk Airship

This is a 99% scratch built model of my own design. I was fascinated by the Steampunk genre and wanted to build my own version of a Victorian style flying machine...

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Warren Zoell’s “Steampunk” 1:1 Pistol

I love this…

To visit The Great Canadian Model Builder’s site direct, please click the banner link above.

To contact Warren Zoell direct,...

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KIT ALERT! 1:1 Thermoelectric Atomizer Laser from Resinator Lab



Thermoelectric Atomizer Laser

*Kit Producer: Resinator Lab    22

*Kit Scale: 1:1 scale

*Kit Materials: Resin, Metal, Plastic and Acrylic

*Number of Pieces: 19

*Kit Price: $200...

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KIT ALERT!! 1:35 Celestial Traveller from Aperture 360





Celestial Traveller


$94.99 CAD

This kit is in the final stages, everything coming together nicely and is scheduled to ship before the end of Sept...

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