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Krzysztof Wilczyński’s TEROCH Mandalorian Cruiser – Based on Ansel Hsiao’s Graphic Design

This is a Teroch Mandalorian Cruiser which I designed and built from scratch from cardboard based on the pictures of the graphic design by Ansel Hsiao (Click HERE to View it!)...

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Ansel Hsiao’s Mandalorian Cruiser

This piece is beautiful. Artist Ansel Hsiao always impresses me with his wonderful design work...

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Steve Blanes WORK IN PROGRESS – 57 Inch Ansel Hsiao BELLATOR Class Star Destroyer

Artist Steve Blanes is building a second miniature of the famed Ansel Hsiao Star Destroyer design… the Bellator! This one will be 57 inches and I believe will be for sale! This shows everyone an examp...

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Ansel Hsiao’s ALLEGIANCE Heavy Star Destroyer – Modeler Magic Revisit

Originally shown on Modeler Magic ten years and two days ago (Feb. 2, 2009), this digital build has since served to be utilized as great example for many Star Destroyer designs...

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Ansel Hsiao’s 4K Digital Star Destroyer Build

One of the most notable digital artists I have seen build the Star Destroyer is Ansel Hsiao. His work continues to inspire millions of viewers world wide...

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Star Destroyer ASSERTOR by Steve Blanes

Steve Blanes


Star Wars

Star Destroyer


Designed by artist Ansel Hsiao, this piece was scratch built to reality by artist Steve Blanes! It is HUGE!! And highly detailed!


The ASSER...

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HUGE! Steve Blanes WIP Bringing Ansel Hsiao’s ASSERTOR Star Destroyer to LIFE!!

Steve Blanes is already known for his past work on another fantastic Ansel Hsiao design...

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SSD Assertor – An Ansel Hsiao Concept – WIP UPDATE by Steve Blanes

The White Tiger LIVES! And so does his amazing project that he has breathed life into! The mega Star Destroyer ASSERTOR as designed by Ansel Hsiao is one of the most beautiful SSD designs of all time ...

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SSD Assertor – An Ansel Hsiao Concept – WIP by Steve Blanes

Steve Blanes came into this art form full blast when he began utilizing digital artist Ansel Hsiao’s fantastic Star Destroyer designs and turning them into amazing physical models! Her is his newest v...

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