TWO Kuhn Global KIT UN-BOXINGS – Dynamic Digital Creations 1/17 Viper MK 2 and 1/17 T-70 X-Wing Kits

Before we get started, I wanted everyone to know that I considered doing these two Kits unboxing’s on video. I decided that it better serves the art form to be able to see up close each part that comes in these kits, appreciating the great craftsmanship and work that went into bringing them to reality. Also of note is that what I receive from an artist may not be the same as what you may receive. Simply stated, the GK industry is still working out the kinks of constant quality control and professionalism therein. We are always striving to improve the art form. So.. with these photos below, allow your eyes to determine what you know.

Back on February 10, 2021 I had the honor of receiving two of my kit orders from Tony Celliers, Dynamic Digital Creations. With my living in the United States, and Tony living in South Africa, it was apparent that Customs Agencies would likely be involved… and so they were. I have had some poor experiences in the past with various Customs Agencies not understanding what they were actually dealing with, then opening up, playing with and destroying what was inside the shipping box. This is where the ‘grey’ area exists for ALL shipping companies. This ‘great void’ called ‘Customs’ is a blank area that ALL shipping companies have no control over. With that remembered, I know why Customs Agencies exist, and I support and thank them for their service.

After corresponding with Tony about this subject, and of the two kits he would ship to me (of the five I had purchased), we discussed the proper safety in packing them, something that we do have control over. Usually Kit Sellers wrap up each part, or a combination of parts, and place them in a box with either packing peanuts, or some sort of materials that could soften blows to that box of any minor kind. The issue is that even though we may state on the package in BIG LETTERS…”FRAGILE”, or “Please Do Not Stack On”… the truth is that this still happens. The Shipping companies simply cannot make this happen as almost everything mailed today in a box most likely has something in it that the shipper, and the intended recipient does not wish to see crushed or damaged. This is a simple reality. Thus, we have the ability to lessen that issue with how we choose to pack these items. Is it more work, with higher cost due to more weight? Yes! Indeed it is, and yet when an item arrives safely, it was well worth it all. I have gone over this years ago on the boards, FB and Modeler Magic, and this package I show today serves as a wonderful reminder for us all.

Tony was not available at the time this shipment was being prepared, so he forwarded my request to his spouse, who did a marvelous job in packing both kits so that they arrived safely to me, halfway around the world. Not only did she wrap each part well, but she also added extra padding on the interior of each Kit’s box. Now having TWO kit boxes (one box for each kit), she them placed BOTH Kit Boxes into a single, larger box, placing packing materials around each of those boxes… like they were floating within the larger box. Aside from any complete crushing action, damaging these two kits now would be quite difficult. That stated, there is always a risk as items travel Internationally. The Customs Agencies are there for everyone’s protection, and therefore will look inside of packages if they need to verify what they may have questions on as these packages go through the visual scanner. This DID happen with these kits.

Getting to the kits unboxing, this shall be commented on below. I wanted to address the wonderful packing done by Tony’s spouse. Excellent work! I am grateful of the professionalism and service.

In the first photos, you can see that the main box was indeed opened by the Customs Agency, and that DHL re-taped it to continue on it’s journey to me. When it arrived to me, Even though Tony’s spouse stated that protective wording on the box, it was evidently still stacked upon in some way, and the side was dented in significantly. Because we took the extra packing precaution of what is referred to as “double-boxing”, the boxes inside were unharmed.

1/17 Colonial Viper MK2 Kit


As I stated, the kit box arrived well, despite again being opened by Customs Agencies. You can see the tape that the original shipping company in South Africa (Dawn Wing) used to re-tape it.

Opening the kit box was like a gift that was packed full of goodies. This was packed extremely well, utilizing every bit of space in order to minimize the Kit Box size.

Pulling out the kit parts was wonderful, and there were many that were all wrapped up, or placed in fantastic tiny containers to prevent the parts from potential crushing. While some parts have a few tiny voids here and there, mostly each part I unwrapped looked wonderful and clean. There were some parts that shall require 3D print line clean up, but that truly is part of the build experience for the artist. Included were printed photos to replicate the paint job, along with a wonderful decal sheet, not to mention the aluminum mounting rode for the well designed stand base (also included). The canopy “glass” is included as well, though we may utilize our own options for this build, or possibly leave it off all together… like the studio scale replicas on display  here. The vacu-formed canopy is nice, and is clear of any wavy artifacts. This kit looks to be comprised of the larger parts being resin casts, and smaller parts, or detailed parts having been 3D Printed directly. Occasionally there were parts that had some particles within the resin… like some sort of dark fibers. I am not sure what they are. That parts are clean enough, however, and after cleanup, build and paint,..  nobody viewing the finished piece shall every know those particles existed.

Something else of note: I also find the well designed interlocking system of the fuselage parts fantastic! For the most part, the main body parts look beautiful and crisp. Dynamic Digital creations did a great job. I love it!

This was most interesting to me with viewing how excellent the rest of the kit looks to be. These large these cast errors were still present. I believe this happens with many Garage Kit Manufacturers. Well used rubber molds can cause this sort of issue, which is easily cleaned up with any moderate model build artist.

Overall, the Dynamic Digital Creations 1/17 Colonial Viper MK 2 kit is a fantastic, well engineered kit, and I do recommend it. I cannot wait to see how large it actually is when built. In comparison to what is here, the FM Model Company Viper MK 2 I had figured to be 1/20 scale well over a decade ago, so this shall build to be a much larger version,… by likely a few inches.

..on to the 1/17 T-70 X-Wing Kit


Once again this kit was also packed fantastically well. It was protected perfectly, and this one did not undergo Customs Agency inspection.

Opening this kit, and removing it all took some time. I photographed each wrapped part as I came to it, noting haw large it all is. I am amazed at it’s size! I LOVE THESE LARGE MODELS! Inside the box is printed art work, all the metal tubing, screws, a wing stripe guide, and once again vacu-formed canopy glass. The parts again were well packed and wrapped. You can definitely tell which were directly 3D Printed, among the larger parts that were printed, cleaned up, and cast in resin. You can see the size of these parts that comprise the fuselage and wings. There is no doubt as to the immense size of this model, and the many parts that comprise it. Impressive. The 3D Printed wing blocks are wonderful, and I am looking forward to their use. They feel solid, though light in that 3D printed way. The wings are also strong, yet light in weight. Many X-Wings ending up sagging over time unless there was added strength. These wings feel strong.