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37.5 Inch R.Cooper Star Destroyer by Helios Model’s Daniel Beck

Impressive build by known German Artist Daniel Beck of Helios Models & Lighting!


To visit the ...

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COOPER KIT 37 Inch AVENGER by Marc Elkins & Dan Grumeretz for the Kuhn Global Collection

Sometimes I utilize two artists for a single project. This is one of those cases where one of those projects started with one, and was finished by another to free up the first for a priority project...

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Clone Wars:Consular Class Cruiser “Charger c70 Retrofit” by Kostas Kosmidis

Expanded Universe Model’s artist Kostas Kosmidis brings us this wonderful conversion of the Radiant kit that Randy Cooper offers!

My Consular Class Cruiser is finished...

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Modeler Magic to ALL… HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2013


Pictured above is the Devastator by Marc Elkins and Intractible by R.L. Bleecker

Whatever you celebrate, or even do not celebrate, Modeler Magic wishes you the best of seasons! Thank you for your con...

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Imerpial Battle Group – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global Inc / Modeler Magic

I was creating the 2013 Modeler Magic Happy Holidays posting and I liked what I saw, so I kept going...

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SOLD!! 27 Inch Cooper Blockade Runner by Chris Kelley



Star Wars
A New Hope


Blockade Bow close


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“Inevitable Capture” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic

Here is a quickie… using BOTH kits that Randy Cooper makes and offers. The Devastator by Marc Elkins… and the Blockade Runner by RL Bleecker. Quick Composite by Kurt Kuhn (me).


View the Devastator ...

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Studio Scale DEVASTATOR by Marc Elkins for The Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

May 25,1977 was a day that changed many lives, not to mention industry standards. I remember sitting in the front row of my local theater in Los Angeles to view the stunning opening of the film…...

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Cooper Mod: DEVASTATOR by Marc Elkins for the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection

Randy Cooper blew everyone away when he came out with his 3 foot Avenger kit! Unitilizing Randy’s great kit, artist Marc Elkins has been working diligently, transforming the excellent Cooper kit into ...

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DEVASTATOR Fiber Optic Frenzy! WIP by Marc Elkins

Artist Marc Elkins makes his anticipated return with this magnificent update showing the thousands upon thousands of fiber optic strands he is inserting into the Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic Star Destroy...

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