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1:600 HMS Edinburgh by Eric Navas

It has been a long time since we have shown this artist…. and he definitely still has great talents!!! Eric Navas!






Erick Navas


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1:144 Submarine S-173 Class 206A by Erick Navas of I.P.M.SOL

Artist Erick Navas is back with another fantastic Naval build…. the S-173 Submarine! Absolutely beautiful!

Here is what Mr. Navas has to say…

S-173 Clase 206A
1:144 Revell
El tipo 206 es una clase de ...

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1:700 I.J.N. Super Yamato by Erick Navas of I.P.M.SOL

One of the most amazing Battleships in world history has been honored with this fantastic build from I.P.M...

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1:700 U.S.S. Intrepid CV-11 by Erick Navas

Artist Erick Navas is back again with another fantastic naval build! The U.S.S. Intrepid! Every detail is stunning as is his usual work of his subjects. he indeed is a great artist!

Here is what artis...

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1:350 Admiral Kuznetsov by Louis Carabott

Built from the Trumpeter Kit, I.P.M...

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1:350 IJN Nagato by Ranier Michalek

I have the pleasure of introducing another great talent to this Gallery site… Germany’s own Ranier Michalek! After viewing this piece on Dario Hector Gerlini’s I.P.M...

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1:600 ACH Akmirante Latorre by Erick Navas

Another beautiful build by artist Erick Navas! From the AirFix Kit, to a beautiful Museum Display!

Here is what Erick has to say…

El acorazado HMS Canadá, después llamado Almirante Latorre, en ...

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Sherman M4A4 Tank by Massimo Gandolphi of I.P.M.SOL

I have the great pleasure of showing yet another artist from the Facebook Military Modeling Group I.P.M.SOL… Mr. Massimo Gandolphi! His work on the M4A4 is fantastic...

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1:100 Monitor Huascar by Erick Navas

I absolutely love this artist’s works! Mr...

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1:350 Battleship Missouri by Erick Navas

Taken direct from the pages of Dario Hector Gerlini’s modeling group, I.P.M...

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