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Tobias Richter’s 1/448 (104cm / ~41 Inch!) Excelsior Class Starship – USS Lexington

Originally shown here on Modeler Magic back on February 2, 2009…. this nearly 41 inch Excelsior Class Starship Miniature was built by artist Tobias Richter of The Light Works for his own Collection...

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Alfred Wong’s 1/144 (~34cm / ~13.5 Inch!) ALIEN Resurrection BETTY in the Tobias Richter Collection

Purchased off eBay years ago, this Alien Resurrection Betty was built by artist Alfred Wong from his own patterned kit! Artist Tobias Richter did not have the immediate funds available to purchase thi...

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1:320 D7 Klingon Cruiser built by Tobias Richter

Originally shown here on January 31, 2009… I thought this build worth showing again…

Built from a kit, Tobias Richter of The Light Works did amazing work in replicating the Studio Model.

Here is what ...

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Tobias Richter’s – LARGE DeBoer Patterned – Starship Reliant built by Tim Ketzer

First shown here back on January 27, 2009, this fantastic piece deserved a bump to the front of the Gallery.

Built from the large scale DeBoer kit, and in scale with the 1701-A model, Master Modeler T...

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KIT ALERT!! HUGE! DeBoer RELIANT NCC-1864 “Northstar” KIT



The Wrath of Khan


DeBoer Hulls “NorthStar” Kit

I was recently contacted by artist Scott Boon, whom informed me that communications have been opened between his cl...

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Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan – New Poster by Robin Clifford

I love this artist’s works! Once again Rob has come to us with a fantastic piece for a poster featuring The Wrath of Khan! The actual Reliant you see on the poster was utilized from the Tobias Richter...

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“Facing Destiny” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Slowly regaining his senses… as consciousness takes hold, the Master Jedi begins to hear again the blasts and crackling of the fire about him...

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Studio Scale ESB Cloud Car by Tobias Richter

Master artist Tobias Richter, of well known site The Light Works, has done it again with this fantastic build from a rather difficult, and rare kit patterned and made by Tobias Rubom...

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1:24 B-Wing by Tobias Richter

This incredible build was done from the fantastic, and HUGE Robert Burns kit that was mastered by the well known artist Alfred Wong, and cast by Teejay Lasher...

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1:24 TIE Fighter from Tobias Richter

Built from the highly accurate studio scale NICE-N Model Designs TIE Fighter Kit, professional artist and collector Tobias Richter shows that Collectors may have skills as well… and certainly the eye ...

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