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Studio Scale Cloud Car by Dan Grumeretz

Artist Dan Grumeretz came through for the collection once again! This studio scale Cloud Car came to us partially built by artist Mike Salzo...

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A Cloud Car Sky – Composite by Dan Grumeretz

Utilizing my Blue Screen photos (SEEN HERE) of the fantastic R.L...

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Studio Scale Cloud Car from the Hector Rosales Collection

Built by famed modeler R.L...

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SOLD!! Studio Scale Cloud Car built by R.L. Bleecker

August 31, 2011


$2,000 U.S.

Buyer is responsible for professional packing and shipping costs and will be referred to the proper agency to do so.

This piece is beautiful and rare...

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SW Celebration V Exclusive! “The Hunter and His Prey” artwork by Chris Trevas

The folks who went to Celebration V this year were not disappointed. One of the fantastic offerings there was this limited print by famed Artist Chris Trevas! Mr...

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Studio Scale ESB Cloud Car by Tobias Richter

Master artist Tobias Richter, of well known site The Light Works, has done it again with this fantastic build from a rather difficult, and rare kit patterned and made by Tobias Rubom...

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Studio Scale Cloud Car by Marce Terrones Gómez (aka TIPPETT)

This fantastic piece of art was done by professional builder Marce Terrones Gómez of MARCE SCALE MODELS! The Cloud Car is one studio model that is very rare to see completely built and Marce has done ...

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“Cloud Car” Composite Art by Robert Watson

This beautiful piece was created by Robert Watson utilizing the blue screen shots of my MR Falcon and studio Scale Cloud Car that R.L. Bleecker built for the collection from a Tobias Rubom kit.

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Cloud Car – Composite Art by RIDER

With this piece, we are happy to begin another type of art to be shown here… Composite art of the models built! Modeler RIDER has done many of which you will see here in the future...

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